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MOT and Servicing

MOT testing and service care is vital and we have you covered for all makes and models keeping your car or motorbike at its prime in performance and road safety.

ECU Remapping

We cover car and Motorbike ECU and aftermarket ECU remapping and Dyno tuning to your vehicles hardware setup from stage 1, 2, 3 and beyond!

quality & reliability

We only use, and will ever use genuine software, tooling and parts to ensure reliability you can trust at all times.

CAR BIKE DYNO performance


Our Mission

PSL Performance specialises in performance upgrades, tuning, remapping, servicing and maintenance for all vehicles, makes and models including commercial and business fleet vehicles.

We supply a wide range of performance parts alongside our custom tuning work to offer you the complete drive in drive out performance solution. From Vauxhall Corsa to VW Golf R we are your only choice for performance modifications in the South!

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Popular Questions

Our typical Stage 1 and 2 ECU remapping produced on Dyno is between 1-3 hours. All of our tuning is done in house and is produced to the highest standard with the latest tools and software on the market.
You can benefit from gaining more power, torque and vehicle efficiency from fully recalibrating your ECU's set AFR targets to run the most efficient and powerful your vehicles setup can perform.
Once a booking has been made, how we work is you drop your vehicle off and we will contact you once your vehicle is ready for collection