Motorbike Performance Service Care

Motorbike Performance Service Care

Welcome to our Motorbike performance service care home! We are proud to offer our motorcycle experience, knowledge and know-how to cover all of your motorcycle needs!

Engine servicing Oil and filters, spark plugs, valve clearance
Tyres Standard replacements to race track tyres
MOT Motorbike MOT testing
Woolich Racing ECU Remapping ECU performance bench flash service
Woolich Racing Dyno Tuning Custom bespoke ECU tuning to the hardware setup
General Repairs Part replacements, upgrade installations and more
Fairings Race fairing instal, general replacement, repairs and respraying
Race track bike builds Full race track preparation and setup

Woolich Racing

Tune your bike to the limit with our advanced ECU Tuning for Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW, Harley Davidson, Triumph, and Ducati.

Performance overhaul

Ignition maps Optimised ignition timing maps suited to your fuel octane choice
ETV Throttle maps Optimised electronic throttle valve maps ensuring a true 100% WOT throttle response
Fuel and AFR maps Optimised fuel mapping for improved AFR and power
Advanced settings Disabling 02, Exhaust valve, Fuel cut, PAIR valve, TOS and more!

hardware upgrades

Exhaust system upgrade
Intake system upgrade
Header upgrade
Race tools


Motorbike ECU BENCH flashing service flashes your ECU with our Woolich Racing OTS performance remap with fully reworked and optimised electronic throttle valve (ETV) for a true 100% wide open throttle (WOT), fuel, ignition mapping and more plus disable functions such as O2 sensors, exhaust valve, air valve, deacceleration fuel cut.

We just require your ECU at our HQ to carry out the OTS flashing. This can be done by an arranged drop off or by post at the office. We can also remove the ECU from your bike for you at our labour rate charge.


Ignition Mapping Optimisation
ETV Mapping Optimisation
Fuelling and AFR Optimisation


  • £360 Inc VAT